Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Post Card

Two of my friends headed south for Christmas..... from snowy Michigan to warm Florida.  Although I can't blame them, their snowman didn't appreciate being left behind.
Note how I he stamped "Post Card" upside down.  Oh well...

Merry Christmas to you all, no matter where you find yourself this holiday season!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Wrapping

Yes.... In spite of all of the shenanigans help from the Sarducci's, all of my wrapping is done!
Who knew that bubble wrap was good for so many things.

And ribbon.... you can tie up a lot of things with it!

They did clean up all of their mess and Earl was retrieved from the trash can before he mysteriously and tragically disappeared. 

 Hope your holidays are full of fun and shenanigans too.  After all, life's not expected to run smoothly.  ;)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Gathering

I went to my first Christmas gathering this week.  My Kingdom Quilters group met for lunch and fellowship this past Thursday.  For one of our exchanges, we were to bring along four fat quarters..... you bring 4... you get 4.  These are the FQ's that I received.  I was lucky enough to get 5 FQ's.  The red was added for a little pop.  Now we will all take our 4 FQ's and make whatever we want with them and will reveal our projects at our June meeting.  Six months should be enough time to make something, even for me. ;) 
I forgot to take of picture of the FQ's that I brought to exchange .... they were in blues and greens.  I'll be excited to see what Fran makes with them next June.
I made some goody gifts too.  I started with some yard sticks and cut them up to make little boxes.
Filled them with some sewing items and wrapped them in a yardstick design FQ.
Here are the contents.... pins, needles, ribbon, measuring tape, and bookmarks.  I think everyone enjoyed these little boxes and will find a good use for them.

I keep saying that I'm all done with Christmas prep, but I still have a small amount of wrapping and have two more gifts to mail out.  I want this done and ready to go out first thing Monday so that I won't have to be standing in looooooong post office lines.  I'm a bit of a scrooge when it comes to standing in lines.....Bah Humbug!  Oh.... and I'm still eking out Christmas cards.  At least these can just be put in the mailbox and they will be on their way.  I'm almost done....really, I am!  How about you?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


A few odds and ends today....  First, here is a wonderful fabric assortment that I won in a generous giveaway from Michele of Crayon Box Quilt Studio.  These are 1/2 yard cuts and they are in one of my favorite color combinations, turquoise and bright green.  Thanks so much, Michele..... I love them!
While trying to gain control in my sewing room, I came across  some additional fabric that my friend, Kathy, gave me.  Somehow, I had forgotten to take a picture to show you.  She knows I'm a bug-frog-insect (creepy things) lover and this fabric collection was pretty much made for me.  Again, half yard cuts.  Thanks, Kathy!  Aren't the bugs cuties!?

I stopped at Lowe's yesterday to pick up the color chips that Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville Quips and Snips is using in her Grand Illusion Winter Mystery Quilt Along.  This year, her inspiration came from the colors found in the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Upper Michigan.  I'm not even sure if I'm going to join in, but I've printed off the first two clues and will print the rest as they are revealed.  Her Mystery QAL's are always fabulous and I don't want to miss out if I decide to join in later.  You can follow the link above to print off the introduction and first two clues.  New clues come out each Friday.
I think the idea of the paint chips is just fabulous.  Think of the many uses these can have when you want to match a color.  Maybe you want to make something for a friend and you don't know what colors would match her kitchen-her bedroom- etc.  Your friend could simply give you the color numbers that she likes and you are on your way.  The possibilities are endless for these chips!

While I was at Lowe's, I picked up a little Christmas cactus.  My own Christmas cactus has already bloomed.  I moved it to a different window this past summer and it bloomed during Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I think I messed up it's schedule with the new location.  Anyway, this new one was too pretty to pass by.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I've been hibernating a bit, getting things ready for Christmas.  Most of my gifts need to be mailed, so I've had to get things finished and can't blog about them yet.
Here's a simple runner that I made yesterday.  I cut, pieced, and quilted it yesterday.... then bound it today.  I've made this pattern before... quick and simple.  Note that my yard is snow-free again.  It won't last long, I'm sure.

Simple, straight line quilting.

I'm off to do a little gift wrapping.  Hope your Christmas plans are on track!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

T'Was The Night Blog Hop

Yesterday, I showed you the wonderful gifts that I received from Katherine of Sew Me Something Good.  Today, I'll show you the gifts that I sent to Leah of Quilted Delights.

First off is one of those 10 minute runners.  Even after picking out the fabric, these really take about 30 minutes, still a quick gift.  This picture was taken outside in October, before our first snow.

And....they're baaaaaaack!  Sorry about all of the Sarducci pictures.  When I was reviewing which photos to include today, there really weren't any that didn't include the Brothers.  They are becoming quite the hams! 

Here's a little cup cozy to keep Leah's fingers from being scorched while sipping a good hot cup of her choice of drink.... 

 A little quilted bag for holding goodies.... maybe scraps.... Christmas candy..... Sarducci's......

Four little fabric coasters to keep the rings off of the furniture.......(keeping the Sarducci's off of the furniture is another story)
In addition to the handmade goodies, I slipped some extras into the package.  There is a calendar, a tote bag, some hand soap, a snowman ornament (in the box) and some gingerbread buttons.
 Also a couple of sewing themed fat quarters.

This next 10 minute runner was not sent along as a gift for Leah.  This was my first 10 minute runner to make, using a kit that my friend Kathy sent me.  Now this runner picture was taken yesterday, outside in the snow.  Brrrrrr......

Backside... these great runners are completely reversible. 
So there you have it.  I've really enjoyed this hop.  I know that Christmas is not about the gifts, but for this particular hop, giving and receiving gifts really made it special!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

T'was The Night Hop

T'Was The Night......
Welcome!  Hasn't this been the best hop ever!?  We were to make quick holiday gifts.... gifts that could be made in an afternoon, an evening.... whatever.... only requiring a few hours.  And then we passed those gifts along to an assigned fellow blogger.  I will be showing you what I sent to my swap buddy in a future post.  Today, I will show you the lovelies that I received!!
But before the great reveal, I want to thank Marlene of Stitchin By The Lake for organizing all of the participants in this fun hop.  Not only did she have the regular blog hostess duties, she had to coordinate all of us so that we knew who we'd be sending our gifts to and who we would be receiving our gifts from.  Talk about making a list and checking it twice!  (Santa, watch out..... you have some serious competition!)  Thanks, Marlene!
And of course, our faithful blog hop coordinator, the mastermind behind all of these blog hops, Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt, must also be thanked for her dedication and great hop ideas.  Thanks, Madame Samm!
I'm so glad to have you stop by for a visit and see the wonderful goodies that I received.  I have to tell you that I was thrilled with everything that I received.  My wonderful swap buddy was Katherine of Sew Me Something Good.  (I'm thinking she should call it Sew Me Something GREAT!!)
The Sarducci's were happy to help with the photo shoot, beginning with the arrival of the little box.  Oh, how true it is that good (great) things come in small packages!
 Here's Hank and Earl, taking out each of the lovely treasures.
This is a shot of all of my wonderful, delightful, well made gifts.  I just feel so blessed to have been the recipient of these treasures. 
I'll start with the first little goodie, a handmade gift card.  Can you see that it reads "Meowy Christmas?"  Katherine had written to me, asking a few questions about my likes and dislikes.  Naturally, I mentioned that I was very fond of cats.  My sweet Oliver passed away a few months ago and Katherine chose this wonderful, orange colored cat fabric, the same color as Oliver.  She fussy cut the little cat and put him on the card front. 

Next up is a wonderful little drawstring bag.  It's just the best size for carrying so many things.  It's large enough to be useful, yet not so large that it's immense.  Yeah... it's just the perfect size!

Now I have a sweet pin cushion to show you.  Don't you love those fussy cut cats?!  She also put a covered button in the center.  Perfect, again!  Yes, I'm going to use the word "perfect" many times as it says it best!

And the backside of the pincushion with another fussy cut cat to cover the center button.  And this is what?.... Yes, perfect!

Katherine also made the detailed little needle book.  Another fussy cut cat graces the cover and a snap closes the book. Yes, it's a snap with a button look.

The next few shots are to try and show the middle of the book and all of the little pages that are inside.

Flipped open, showing the navy pages.....

Flipped open, showing the orange pages.....

And trying to show you the outside little flaps that contain the pages and hold everything from potentially slipping out of the sides.  And what is this?..... Yup, perfect!

And finally, the whole group of gifts again.  Not only did I receive some delightful... and perfect..... gifts, I made a new friend.  Katherine is soft of heart and a joy to get to know.  I'm grateful for the little gifts that she made and honored to have made a new friend.  Thank you, Katherine, you are a dear and as I use these lovely gifts, I will fondly think of you!   

I will be posting pictures of the gifts that I made and sent to my swap buddy, Leah from Quilted Delights, in a few days.  I didn't want to spoil her reveal when she posts about the gifts that I sent on her blog day, tomorrow, November 20th.
Meanwhile, please continue on your blog hop and visit the rest of the talented bloggers that join me today.  Their links are listed below, as well as links for Thursday and Friday.  Please visit all of the blogs and get some great inspiration for quick gift giving.  There's a whole lot of talent out there in blogland!
Wednesday, Nov. 19
Gracie Oliver Arts (That's Me!)

Thursday, Nov. 20

Friday, Nov. 21

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Greetings


Bwa-haa-haa from the Sarducci's!
Happy Halloween from our home to yours.
  Be safe, have fun, and don't eat
all of the candy in one sitting!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Introducing the Sarducci's

First of all, I'd like to introduce you to the Sarducci Brothers.  They are my recently hired sewing assistants/project models.   Since Oliver's passing, I have been in need of assistants to help me in my sewing room and these guys have stepped up for the position.  OK.... they aren't exactly cuddly and soft like Oliver, but they have their own list of qualities.... and most of those qualities are good.  ;)  We'll see how it goes......

And there actually is a tip in this post.  Over the years, I've tried so many different foot pedal holders and each of them only "sort of" worked.  I picked up this trivet/oven grabber at a dollar store yesterday.  I was hoping that it would make a good gripper for my sewing machine foot pedal.  And it worked!  I sewed for a couple of hours and never had to chase the foot pedal or rearrange it.  This little gripper is flexible and kind of sticky on both sides.  I do have a chair mat under my machine area, so I haven't tested it on a carpeted surface.  I don't think it would work as well on carpet, but for hard surfaces, I'm thinking it will be great.

(Thanks, Sarducci's.... for a successful first photo shoot!)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Twas the Night Blog Hop

Yup, I've joined another blog hop!  This one caught my attention because we are to make **quick** Christmas projects...not huge quilts.  These projects are to be week end projects, one nighter projects, or only require a few hours or less to complete.  Even though I'm always pushed near the holidays (purely my own fault), I thought this hop would not take the time commitment that many other hops require.  And this one has a bonus..... we will be gifting one of the other bloggers with our creation(s)! 
Hmmmmm..... I'm thinking that this fabric has it's name written all over this blog hop!  What do you think..... appropriate fabric??!!
I haven't started my project(s) yet, but have tons of ideas swimming around in my brain.  I don't know when I'll be posting or who I'll be gifting..... those details will come soon.  Please stop back by to see what I've made and see what the other bloggers will make too.  This is great timing for people like me who wait until the last minute to make gifts.  I'll get lots of ideas from the other hoppers and will still have from the end of November until Christmas to complete them.
Twas the night before

Monday, September 15, 2014

Oliver's Quilt

As many of you know, my cat, Oliver, passed a few months ago.  I had been planning to make a little memorial quilt for him and I just finished it.  Several months ago, Oliver "won" some George Washington fabric in a giveaway.  Go Here for that post.  Long story short, he won the fabric because his birthday was on Washington's birthday and his middle name was Washington.  I used that fabric for the focal point of this little wall hanging.
 I wasn't sure how to quilt the center panel because I didn't want to dissect George's face.  I ended up doing a 4 1/2" grid which worked pretty well. 
The corner squares, which you would assume would have patriotic quotes in them, actually have cat quotes in them. 

And my label.  The last names have been blurred to protect the innocent.  ;) (This can be enlarged with a click.)
Overall, I'm pleased with this little wall hanging.  I'll be displaying it on all of the patriotic holidays but, of course, I'll be remembering Oliver every day.